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whys this kid stealing all my moves 

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You’re probably going to meet someone
who reminds you of me.

Someone with the same obnoxious laugh,
who enjoys long walks and looking at the sky too much,
and the one who picks at her cuticles when she gets nervous.
And when you meet her,
your eyes are going to lock but little do you know
she’s been staring at the back of her head for so long,
hoping that a pretty blue eyed boy like you would give her
the time of the day.
You’re going to give her that smile of yours,
the one that flashes all your teeth
and makes her wish she was sitting down instead of standing
in front of you because her knees are weak,
and she doesn’t want to trip before you even say a word.
You’re going to ask her for her name
and ask if you can take her out for a ride on your Chevy truck
to a creek where your father used to take you when you were young.
And she’s going to say yes because who can resist you?
I couldn’t.
Maybe her hair will be longer and probably curlier,
or maybe she’ll be able to rock that pixie cut
I always wish I could have done but I couldn’t
because my head was too big and my face was too round.

On that date you’re going to have so much to talk about
because you were always good with small talk and deep conversations.
You will both be so drawn to each other
that you’ll forget the sun was setting
until the sky turns dark.
Then it will only be you and her, and the stars,
just the way you want it.
And she’ll look into your eyes and hope that you’ll lean in
and you’re worried that she might think you’re going a little too fast;
that was always your problem,
you never believed that someone would want you
as much as you wanted them,
but I did and so will she.

So kiss her.
I am telling you to kiss her.
Date her.
Hold her.
Love her.
I want you to love her,
but only if she loves you back.
And maybe she’ll wear glasses like I do
and have a beauty mark above her lips.
Maybe she will wear sundresses and cowboy boots often
and all she’ll own in her closet are tons of dresses.
And maybe she’ll try them all on for you.
You’re going to fall in love with her the way
you once fell in love with me and that is okay,
do not worry.

It’s going to be okay
because I have loved you once and you have loved me,
and it was quite beautiful.
And I think someone else out there deserves the love that you have;
and if we ever find each other again one day,
then I hope you love me,
Ming D. Liu"One Day, We Will Make A Second First Impression" (via lovemetoinfinity)

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One day,
Our goodbyes
Will turn into
Sleepy goodnights
Escaping our tired lips.

Our can I call you’s?
Will turn into
Come here and hold me’s.

Our things
Won’t be
mine or
yours anymore.

One day,
I’ll scream in the middle of the night,
And you
Will pull me close;
tell me everything’s alright
And I’ll fall asleep.

One day,
You’ll come home
And tell me we need to get groceries,
We’ll make a list, and tape it to the fridge
But tomorrow we’ll forget it there
And you’ll blame me,
And I’ll blame you
And we’ll spend a hundred because
We couldn’t remember.
And were both too damn impulsive.

One day,
You’ll understand every aspect
Of my condition
But love me all the more.
And I’ll treasure you,
Hold your hand everytime it gets bad
Knowing I am okay,
With you.

One day,
I’ll wake up in the morning,
To the smell of cooking,
I’ll come down the stairs
Of a house we call ours,
And I’ll kiss the love of my life
Good morning
As well as goodnight.

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